Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Singer Bryan Adams Proud Israel Hater

You can add Canadian rocker Bryan Adams to the list of  I hate Israel celebs, and his Twitter supporters are ecstatic.

On August 9 he wrote:
Bryan Adams @bryanadams · Aug 9
Mr. Prime Minister, @pmharper, The UK PM is sending 20M in aid to #Gaza. Where is Canada's support for the Palestinian people? #gazachildren
Adams responded with the following after several people questioned whose side he was on, although it's kind of obvious.

Bryan Adams ✔ @bryanadams
@southernstacy @SoulM8dSunshine I can't speak for others, I only speak for myself: I say the war against Gaza was a crime against humanity

And then this to the same two when they questioned him about the three young Israelis who were killed in the West Bank- which was one of the mitigating factors in Israel's was with Gaza:

Bryan Adams ✔ @bryanadamsFollow@southernstacy @SoulM8dSunshine it was never proved who was responsible, and it's not justification for murdering 2000+ people...541 kids.

Then referring to the blockade.

Bryan Adams ✔ @bryanadamsFollow@southernstacy @SoulM8dSunshine ..and the Israeli blockade of #Gaza just entered its 8th year, leaving its 1.7 million inhabitants destitute7:06 PM - 19 Aug 2014
No mention of Egypt's blockade.  I tweeted him about that, and asked if he has opined about the genocide in Iraq and Syria by ISIS. No response.

Then there's the self-loathing Jew piping in with her support.

Chavaleh @ChavaBallFollow@bryanadams thank u so much for speaking out for Gaza and Palestine! I'm Jewish and we MUST speak out agnst Israeli war crimes! #freegaza7:32 AM - 24 Aug 2014
War crimes?  Why aren't these people crying out about what's happening to thousands of Yazidis, Christians and other Muslim minorities in Iraq and elsewhere.

The fools just don't get it.

No Burkinis Allowed In Some Moroccan Resort Private Pools

Wow. This is pretty darn amazing.  Several private resorts in Marrakesh, Morocco are banning burkinis in the private pools. You know those bathing suits that cover pretty much everything other than a woman's face.  They claim "hygiene reasons", and only your run-of-the-mill bathing suits are allowed.

Mazagan Beach and Golf Resort in al-Jadida near Casablanca is one of those hotels that is banning burkinis and requiring "ordinary swimsuits."

Of course, it's not sitting well with some in that country.

Abdelaziz Aftati, an MP of the ruling Moderate Islamist Justice and Development Party, sent a complaint to Tourism Minister Lahcen Haddad, after a woman wearing a burkini was reportedly banned from a swimming pool in al-Jadida, according to Morocco World News.
Aftati told the press that it is unacceptable to restrict people’s freedom and their beliefs, saying the move signified the “rudeness of the new colonization.”

A little like Islamists and fundamentalists requiring women to wear hijab, or burqas in certain countries in that region? Typical double standards of conservative Muslims.

And, of course, if that happened in this country, you'd have CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) on the case in a snap. There would be threats of law suits and people would cave.

I hope the resorts stay firm.

"Jihadi John" -James Foley's Beheader- Is Son Of Egyptian Terrorist On Trial In US

"Jihadi John", former rapper "L. Jinny" and the animal suspected of beheading journalist James Foley, is the son of  54-year-old Egyptian lawyer Adel Abdel Bary whose terrorism trial in New York is set to commence on November 3rd. He's standing trial for the 1998 American Embassy bombings in Tanzania and Kenya. 224 people lost their lives and over 4,000 were injured on August 7th- Americans and Africans. Bary had apparently been sitting in a UK prison since 1999 until he was extradited in 2012. Papa must be spitting mad that his son is following in his footsteps, considering Bary's lawyers are already worried that all this terrorism activity might adversely effect the outcome of his trial.

Abdel Abdul Bary’s lawyers say in order for him to receive a fair trial in New York, sensational references to terrorism must be eliminated from his case.
But that was before his son was named in reports by British newspapers as among those being looked at by investigators in the beheading of journalist James Foley.

Abu Anas al-Libi, who is also facing terrorism charges in N.Y. in connection with the 1998 bombings, had been free until he was nabbed in Libya last year.  Bary's lawyers want separate trials.

They warned that no amount of instructions to a jury “can erase from the minds of jurors the acts of Muslim-associated terrorism that took place” while Bary was detained and al-Libi was free.
“In the charged atmosphere of post 9/11 New York, in the shadow of the New Freedom Tower that by its grace only serves to highlight the absence of the twin towers, Mr. Bary would be substantially prejudiced by a joint trial” with al-Libi, the lawyers said.
Tough luck.

Now his son- 24-year-old Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary- is being investigated for beheading James Foley. But Foley isn't his first one.

 Earlier this year, he posted a picture of himself holding a severed head on Twitter after resurfacing in Syria, the Independent newspaper reported.
He had captioned the picture with: “Chillin' with my other homie, or what's left of him.”

His father was a lawyer-cum-terrorist, he lived in his parent's $1.7 million London home in affluent Maida Vale (though in his music he talks about his early life living in council flats), and he winds up fighting in Syria with some of the most barbaric Muslim militants the world has seen- ISIS.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, as they say.

More on Jihadi John, and his music and pre-jihadi life.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Muslims Rally In Norway Against ISIS

Thousands of Muslims rallied in Oslo, Norway, against Islamic State extremists.

Norway’s prime minister and other politicians have joined Muslim leaders and thousands of other people for a demonstration in Oslo against radical Islamists.

Monday’s rally was an initiative by young Norwegian Muslims who wanted to show a united front against Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq and their sympathizers in Norway.

Mehtab Afshar, head of the Islamic Council in Norway, told the crowd: “They stand for terrorism, they stand for terror ... and we condemn that in the strongest terms.”
The Muslims were joined by Norway's Prime Minister.

It's a start. But more Muslims in other countries need to be doing this.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Hollywood Stars Sign Pro-Israel Statement Condemning Hamas

The Boycott Israel (BDS) movement has its celebrities including Emma Thompson, Danny Glover, Roger Waters, Russell Brand, Stephen Hawking, Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem, Alice Walker and a slew of others. Some have just bowed to the pressure of BDSers and cancelled appearances and visits to Israel, others have signed petitions and actively condemned Israel for doing what it has every right to do- defend its citizens from Hamas aggression and violence.

Cruz and Bardem recently signed a letter condemning Israel, calling what was happening in Gaza genocide, now some pro-Israel celebs have signed their own statement calling for an end to "singling out" Israel.

Among those almost 200 Hollywood stars and execs signing the statement were Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Seth Rogen, Sherry Lansing and:

 Sarah Silverman, Minnie Driver, Ziggy Marley, Kelsey Grammer, Tom Arnold, Benji Madden, director Ivan Reitman, writer Aaron Sorkin, producer Michael Rotenberg, composer Michael Nyman, producer Haim Saban, Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun.

Initiated by the Creative Community For Peace (CCFP) the petition condemns Hamas for its "ideologies of hatred", as well as efforts to boycott Israel.

The full Statement:

We, the undersigned, are saddened by the devastating loss of life endured by Israelis and Palestinians in Gaza. We are pained by the suffering on both sides of the conflict and hope for a solution that brings peace to the region.

While we stand firm in our commitment to peace and justice, we must also stand firm against ideologies of hatred and genocide which are reflected in Hamas’ charter, Article 7 of which reads, “There is a Jew hiding behind me, come on and kill him!” The son of a Hamas founder has also commented about the true nature of Hamas.

Hamas cannot be allowed to rain rockets on Israeli cities, nor can it be allowed to hold its own people hostage. Hospitals are for healing, not for hiding weapons. Schools are for learning, not for launching missiles. Children are our hope, not our human shields.

We join together in support of the democratic values we all cherish and in the hope that the healing and transformative power of the arts can be used to build bridges of peace.

Good for them. It's about time. But check out the comments on the link below.  Anti-Semitism is alive and well in the USA.

Source: Deadline Hollywood.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

TN Student Suspended For Telling Classmate "Bless You" After Sneeze

Tennessee high school student Kendra Turner claims she was suspended for telling a classmate "bless you" after they sneezed. According to the Dyer County High School student certain phrases and words have been banned by her computer teacher-  "stupid", "my bad", "hang out", and the offending phrase "bless you" are verboten.

Believing her consitutionatl rights were violated, she took to social media to share what happened. Apparently, the teacher told her "We do not do Godly speaking in my class." As far as I know she left God out of it. Simply saying "bless you" shouldn't be offensive, unless you're a liberal or atheist or both.

"I stood up for my belief and said I have a constitutional right to speak about My God!!" the teen wrote on Facebook.
"So if any other teacher wants to get on to me for sticking up for my religion then go right ahead [because] in the end I will win [because] I'm doing what God wants me to do!!!"

Though they won't get into it, the school administration says it has nothing to do with religion.

"We can't discuss discipline issues because of right to privacy of students, but I can say there are two sides to every story," Assistant Principal Lynn Garner told the Dyersburg State Gazette.
"Sometimes people spin things and turn them to make them seem one way, but I cannot discuss anything specific in order to protect the child."
Fox news said the teacher claims the girl shouted "bless you" and disrupted class. She might have, who knows, but bottom line, what right does a teacher have to tell someone what they can or can not say?

More details here.

Brit ISIS Jihadi Wants To Be First Woman To Behead Someone From US or UK

Although her Twitter account has since been suspended, 22-year-old British Muslim convert Khadijah Dare (Twitter handle "Muhajira fi Sham" @Ash_Shamiyyah), tweeted a photo of some believe to be her young son holding a rifle, along with her desire to become the first female to behead someone from the US or UK.

 “Muhajirah fi Sham” which means “immigrant in Syria” posted her life's goal after the beheading video of journalist James Foley surfaced.

Any links 4 da execution of da journalist plz. Allahu Akbar. UK must b shaking up haha. I wna b da 1st UK woman 2 kill a UK or US terorrist!

— muhajirah fi Sham (@Ash_Shamiyyah) August 20, 2014

Although it has not been confirmed, Muhajirah fi Sham is believed to be Dare.

She converted to Islam as a teenager and it’s believed she regularly attended the Lewisham Islamic Centre linked to Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale, the pair who attacked Drummer Lee Rigby with a knife in broad daylight in a London Street.

Her Twitter feed contains a shocking combination of news, quotes and ISIS-style extremism, combined with pictures of nature and tips on raising children.

Earlier this year she wrote: “All da people back in Dar ul kufr [land of disbelievers] what are you waiting for ... hurry up and join da caravan to where the laws of Allah is implemented,” The Telegraph reports.

Before being bumped off Twitter, she switched to private.

Any journalists or kufar who follow me will b nicely blocked. I hav no tym 4 arguments wit da ignorant. [4]
— muhajirah fi Sham (@Ash_Shamiyyah) August 21, 2014

More on Dare and other despicables here.

Truth of the day Graphic: Muslims And Rights

Sad, but true.

"In every country that Muslims are a minority, they are obsessed with minority rights.In every country with a Muslim majority, there are NO minority rights."

And in the case of Iraq, they are systematically being wiped out.  Including the 'wrong kind' of Muslim.